What is the Mayo Clinic Diet?

Just like clothes go in and out of fashion, different diet trends (even items considered the best diets for weight loss) usually don’t stick around forever. However, doctors and nutritionists can agree that developing and sticking to healthy habits is key to staying fit and keeping unwanted extra weight off long-term. The Mayo Clinic diet, a program that adheres to this notion, was developed by medical professionals based on scientific research, so you can trust that this program is based on science, and not just before and after shots. 

Another unique aspect of the Mayo Clinic diet is that the healthy habits formed are based on behavioral changes, not calorie restriction. This means that instead of developing feelings of deprivation and exclusion in your meals, the focus is rather on inclusion, and this positive mindset tends to set people up for better success with following the diet long-term.

We’ve asked nutrition experts to break down what the Mayo Clinic diet is and how to follow it. If you’re interested in trying a diet that is backed by medical professionals, read on to learn how you might benefit from this one.

Excerpted from Prevention

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