Can Eating Eggs Help Protect Your Heart?

A recent study published in Nutrients explored how egg consumption affects one’s heart health, and the paper’s authors reported a striking finding. The study suggests eating one to three eggs a week is associated with a 60% lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

In fact, the study found an even lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease, 75%, for those eating four to seven eggs a week. However, they only found a protective role in eating one to three eggs a week after considering sociodemographic, lifestyle, and clinical factors. The authors concluded that egg consumption may have a protective role against cardiovascular disease when included in healthy diet with low consumption of saturated fatty acids. 

Egg consumption and heart health: There is plenty of research investigating the healthfulness of eggs, particularly with regard to heart health. However, the findings have been contradictory. Several studies, including 2019 researchTrusted Source, found that consuming eggs actually increases cardiovascular risk. And a previous review study sought to summarize and clarify the science, its title asking tongue-in-cheek, “Are eggs good again?”

Excerpted from Medical News Today

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