Should You Drink Water During Fasting?

Are you confused about what you should drink while fasting and trying to determine whether it is safe to drink water? Read on. In recent years, fasting has gone from being a fringe health fad to a mainstream strategy for shedding unwanted pounds and improving one’s overall health. Studies show that periodic, short-term fasts can be especially beneficial for the obese, people with diabetes, and those struggling with various health issues.

You probably have also heard about medical fasting. Several medical procedures, like surgery, blood tests, etc., require some form of fasting. Even historical evidence suggests that our ancestors used fasting to cure illness. Many people have questions about the best form of hydration during fasting. They have questions about whether they can have water or are better off without it. Can they have other beverages like coffee, tea, and so on?

Can You Drink Water While Fasting? Yes, one can drink water while fasting since it is a zero-calorie drink and will not break a fast. So people practicing any fasting routine (provided it is not a dry fast) can drink water to stay hydrated during the fast.

Excerpted from Fitness Volt

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