Should You Add Spicy Food to Your Diet?

Spicy products add flavor and heat to your food, and have several important health benefits. Chili peppers can reduce chance of developing certain diseases, help prevent obesity and soothe stomachs. Let’s start with a fact: Spicy isn’t a taste. It’s common to think that spiciness is one of the tastes like sweet, bitter, sour or salty yet actually spiciness is a burning sensation on the tongue’s pain receptors and not in the taste buds. 

For this reason, exposing other areas of the body without taste buds to food substances considered spicy may trigger a sensation of heat, pain or burning similar to that created in the oral cavity, and the active chemical substance that gives it the spiciness, capsaicin, is responsible for these sensations.Besides this, what health benefits are there of eating spicy food?

1. Extending longevity: The most recent large, comprehensive study published on the benefits of hot chili pepper was conducted in 2020. The study, presented for the first time at the scientific meeting of the American Heart Association, found that people who eat chili peppers may die less from heart disease or cancer and may live longer than those who don’t eat them.

Excerpted from The Jerusalem Post

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