Loneliness Ages You — Could You Use a Buddy?

Deep Longevity, in collaboration with US and Chinese scientists, measured the effects of loneliness, restless sleep, and sadness on the rate of aging and discovered that they were significant. Frailty and major diseases associated with aging are exacerbated by the accumulation of molecular damage. Some people’s molecular processes have more intensity than others which leads them to age faster.

Fortunately, using digital models of aging, the increased rate of aging can be detected before its disastrous consequences of the aging manifest. These models can also be used to develop anti-aging therapies for individuals and populations.

According to the most recent article published in Aging-US, any anti-aging therapy must address both one’s mental and physical health. The article mentions the first aging clock that has been trained solely on a large Chinese cohort and describes a new aging clock that was trained and validated using blood and biometric data from 11,914 Chinese adults.

Excerpted from Mint

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