Is Intermittent Fasting Really Effective for Weight Loss?

Intermittent fasting, including food deprivation for 16 consecutive hours, is regularly recommended for weight loss. On the TikTok social network, the hashtag #jeuneintermttent has more than 92 million views.

The book “How to Fast” states that fasting releases natural healing forces in addition to being a treatment and anti-aging. Dr. Èvelyne Bourdua-Roy, co-author of the book and family physician certified in obesity medicine, answered our questions.

How to start intermittent fasting? Is it effective for losing weight? What are the effects on the body? Depriving your body of food for a period of time is becoming more democratic on social networks. Some apply it as part of a “detox cure”, others to lose weight or as a spiritual experience. According to Dr. Èvelyne Bourdua-Roy, co-author of “How to fast”, published by Thierry Souccar, fasting allows good metabolic health. From Montreal, the founder of Clinique Reversa, a non-profit clinic for the reversal of chronic disease related to lifestyle based on low carb diet and fasting, answered questions from ETX Studio.

Excerpted from Oi Canadian

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