Can Yoga Really Help You Lose Weight?

That moment when you take a seat on your mat, inhale deeply, and center into awareness… if you’ve been curious about whether your yoga practice can help you lose weight and transform your body, some experts say it truly can. There’s just one important key to understanding how it works—but if you do, science suggests this can be a powerful means of trimming down for good.

We’ll start by saying that more intensive modalities of yoga, like power yoga and Bikram, might heighten your weight-loss potential from yoga just through the calorie burning that comes from aggressive movement, muscle engagement, and temporarily depleting the body of water (and afterward, you’ve got to remember to drink up!).

Instead, we’re talking about milder versions of yoga, like vinyasa or Hatha, that engage the whole body, but also aim to amplify the connection between body, mind, and spirit. Research has suggested these arguably gentler yoga practices can be effective means of supporting weight loss…

Excerpted from Eat This, Not That!

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