Is Wegovy or Ozempic Better for Weight Loss?

Wegovy and Ozempic have been in the media almost constantly since the start of 2023. Both medications were originally designed as a diabetes medication. Both are now being targeted for chronic weight management as a weight loss drug. This article compares Wegovy against Ozempic and reveals if Wegovy is better than Ozempic for weight loss – or vice versa. We also detail some other weight loss supplements – cheaper, natural alternatives to Wegovy and Ozempic

Natural Alternatives to Wegovy and Ozempic: Both medications are prescription only and only suitable for people that have a high Body Mass Index (BMI over 30). The cost of both injectable medications is high as well.

Over the Counter Alternatives:

  1. PhenQ – fat burner and appetite suppressant
  2. Zotrim – herbal hunger reducer

Excerpted from The Daily

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