How Should Women Be Intermittent Fasting?

After decades of back and forth over whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day or the one most likely to kill you, we are so done with over generalizations from some dietary prophet on high. If you wake up hungry, eat. If you don’t, don’t. But if you’re poo-poohing intermittent fasting because you have lady parts and pretty much all of the studies on its myriad benefits – from lowered inflammation to improved mental acuity to weight loss – have been performed, as Dr. Mindy Pelz quips, “on mice and men,” well… it might be time to take a closer look (You can read about my intermittent fasting experience, I tested it three ways. It’s easier than you think).

“I like to look at the male studies and the mice studies as… hey, we’re getting in the ballpark; we understand that this could have a benefit to women.”

Compressing your eating window gives your body time to recover, reducing inflammation, repairing your gut, and regulating insulin, Dr. Pelz says. And these are benefits that can be reaped by anyone with a gut. The dearth of studies on women isn’t, she says, due to intermittent fasting not working for women; it’s just because (as we’ve always suspected) we’re more complicated!

Excerpted from Organic Authority

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