Exactly How Many Calories Do You Burn Per Day?

Trendy diets will come and go, but using a calorie deficit (expending more calories than you consume) is one piece of weight loss advice that has stood the test of time. If losing weight is one of your health goals, you’re likely already paying attention to calorie amounts on nutrition panels and may even be amping up your activity level to up your calories “burned.”

But at this point, you’re probably wondering: How many calories do I burn a day? As you can imagine, this depends on a whole range of factors, including what your activity level is. You may also be wondering if all calories are created equal: Is consuming a nutrient-rich food with 500 calories the same as consuming a donut?

Understanding calories and figuring out how to think about them in terms of healthy weight loss is confusing. Fortunately, nutritionists are more than happy to set the record straight.

Excerpted from Parade

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