Want to Heal Your Brain & Body? Try Fasting

While many enjoy the reflective, spiritual, and community aspects that are part of this month, they struggle with moodiness and fatigue, which they attribute to lack of food or water during the day. The truth is that being ‘moody’ and ‘tired’ probably is the result of people experiencing withdrawals from addictive substances, dehydration, poor sleep, lack of exercise, and eating poorly at sunset. 

The research is conclusive:  fasting, when done right, is healing and restorative for your physical health. Here are some benefits you should know about fasting and your physical health: 

Fasting turns on autophagy –  Autophagy is fundamental to the body cleaning, healing, and rebuilding itself. The digestive system uses 40-50% of the body’s energy. When the body gets time off of digesting food, it kicks on its rest and recovery system and starts to clean and heal itself of bacteria and viruses, dead and deteriorated cells, and damaged proteins. A lack of autophagy is linked to most mental and physical health problems.⠀

Excerpted from MENAFN

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