Is Weight Loss the Wrong Fitness Goal?

All of us have made the right decisions for the wrong reasons at some point in time or the other. Choosing to exercise and diet for weight loss would top that list. Making weight loss your primary goal is not merely erroneous but dangerous too, say health experts, nutritionists and doctors. Improving your health, aiming for a better lifestyle and increasing your functionality ought to be your goals when you turn to exercise and good eating habits.

When you choose to exercise and eat right, your main goal should be health because an active lifestyle strengthens the body and immune system while leading to efficient weight-loss, says Deepti Khatuja, senior clinical nutritionist, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram. “It also helps in social and mental well-being and builds confidence too,” says Khatuja.

Keep an eye on muscle mass: Sandeep Sachdev, the winner of reality show Biggest Loser and co-founder of Mumbai’s Easy Human fitness studio and cafe, found this out the hard way. Sachdev, who lost a little more than 50kg in four months to win the inaugural contest in 2007, went in with the sole aim of losing weight and that almost cost him dearly.

Excerpted from Mint Lounge

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