Does Keeping Fit With HIIT Really Work?

High intensity interval training has become increasingly popular as it’s a quick and effective way to improve health. This is all the more important as countries around the world emerge from lockdowns due to coronavirus and are looking for quick and easy way to exercise again.

Recently, researchers have been studying whether shorter variations of HIIT, involving as little as 4-min of high intensity exercise per session (excluding a warm up and cool down), also improve health. A new review paper published in the Journal of Physiology collates a decade’s worth of research on the topic of this so-called low-volume high HIIT for health.

The current World Health Organisation (WHO) physical activity guidelines (150-300 min of moderate activity/week or 75-100min of vigorous activity/week) may be unattainable for a large portion of the population who are time poor due to family or work commitments.

Excerpted from Science Daily

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