How Should You Break an Intermittent Fast?

If your Instagram feed is any indication, everyone and their mom is trying intermittent fasting right now, and maybe you’re interested in it, too. People swear intermittent fasting can have a slew of different benefits, from reseting your relationship with food to weight loss. But it can be tricky to do it right, and understand what foods and drinks break a fast (and thus defeat the purpose of having a fasting window). 

Here’s the thing: Fasting doesn’t mean you have to go about part or all of your day without putting anything in your body. And, while the fasting police aren’t going to come after you if you don’t fast perfectly, it makes sense that you want to do this the right way.

You can probably guess that water is okay (and a must) during a fasting window—you’ve got to stay hydrated, after all—but what about stuff like coffee and tea, which is ~basically~ water? And can you have a little sugar or creamer in there, too, or is that off-limits? Is there some kind of calorie limit here? Also, what’s the best thing to eat and drink when you’re ready to break your fast?

Excerpted from Women’s Health

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