Can Walnuts Help Keep Heart Disease at Bay?

Studies from a randomised controlled trial reveals the capability of walnuts from preventing major risk factors for heart disease, claims,’ people who regularly consume walnuts may have a lower risk of heart disease, compared to those who do not eat’.

In the study, conducted by Dr Emilio Ros from the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, in partnership with Loma Linda University, more than 600 healthy older adults consumed 30 to 60 grams of walnuts per day as part of their typical diet or followed their standard diet (without walnuts) for two years.

Those who consumed walnuts had a significant reduction in inflammation, measured by the concentration of known inflammatory markers in the blood, which were reduced by up to 11.5 per cent. Of the 10 well-known inflammatory markers that were measured in the study, six were significantly reduced on the walnut diet, including interleukin-1b, a potent pro-inflammatory cytokine which pharmacologic inactivation has been strongly associated with reduced rates of coronary heart disease.

Excerpted from Times Now News

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