Should You Fast When You’re Sick?

Fasting could have some benefits, depending on the type of illness. It is common for people to lose their appetite when they are sick. This could be the body’s natural response to the illness. Below, we explore whether fasting can help the body recover. We also look into the possible adverse effects of fasting and foods that can boost healing.

A lack of evidence from studies in humans supports the idea that fasting can help people recover from illness. Meanwhile, research in animals suggests that fasting may help fight off bacterial infections. The same research indicates that consuming glucose, or sugar, may help combat viral infections.

In a long-term study, 341 out of 404 participants with preexisting health problems reported an improvement in their condition after having fasted on vegetable juice and soup for 4–21 days. Overall, these participants consumed 200–250 calories per day.

Excerpted from Medical News Today

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