What’s the Quickest Way to Lose Weight? Intermittent Fasting!

What if I told you that there’s a red carpet trick that the stars use to get those sleek camera-ready bodies in time for the Oscars and that it’s safe, healthy, effective, and free—and you can use too. That’s the claim of a new book by a diabetes specialist who has studied the best way to get his patients off the insulin, free of all their meds and slimmed-down—fast. His name is Dr. Jason Fung and he gave The Beet a preview of his new book that he’s co-authored, called “Life in the Fasting Lane” coming out this April.

The book is all about how to use intermittent fasting to lose weight and to do it safely, healthfully and effectively to slim down in a matter of just days or weeks, depending on how much fasting you want to try. “Life in the Fasting Lane” is about to hit bookstores and make intermittent fasting, or IF the most followed diet in the country, since it’s healthy, it works and you can use it any time you need to lose weight fast.

Excerpted from The Beet

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