10 Stay-Skinny Secrets of Women Who Never Diet

You know her: She eats an ice cream cone like no big deal. And you know she doesn’t always order salad, but she doesn’t have superwoman genes. So how come she doesn’t have to go on a diet? “Diets don’t work. They fail all the time,” says Carla Heiser, a registered dietitian and board-certified specialist in nutritional and metabolic medicine in Chicago. Here are the 10 rules your diet-eschewing pals live by—without having to think about them.

Every day isn’t a special occasion:

Office doughnuts, a decadent restaurant meal, cake at a friend’s birthday party. These events happen so regularly that it’s easy to justify any day as splurge-worthy. While occasional treats are must-haves, your diet as a whole is what keeps your weight steady, says Heiser. So choose your treats wisely and cut out the rest. Maybe split a crème brûlée with your husband on date night, but pass on the cookies at the meeting during the day. Or celebrate your birthday with cake, but not everyone’s.

Excerpted from Women’s Day

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