The 10 Most Filling Foods to Banish Snack Cravings

Think of your meals and snacks as deposits toward your total health. Would you rather deposit a penny or a dime? They’re roughly the same size, but a dime goes much further. Food is the same way. These super satiating foods fill you up and help you feel satisfied to tame temptation and, yes, even help you slim down for the same amount of calories.

So what are the best bets for your buck? These 10 foods are the dimes of the supermarket. Pick them and you won’t even give those break room donuts a second glance.

Don’t believe everything you read about people or food. Spuds may have a bad rap, but it’s unwarranted. Potatoes actually swept the top spot in an Australian study that measured the satiating index of 38 common foods. That means, compared to all the other foods measured, calorie-for-calorie, they’re the most likely to keep you from snacking and help you feel full and satisfied.

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