5 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Working Out Harder

We’ve all heard it before—the harder you work, the more effective your workouts are. From high intensity interval training to Tabata training, there are a number of techniques you can use to push your body into the red zone, a zone that forces your body to burn more calories both during and after your workout. That’s all well and good, but actually doing that, pushing your body that hard is, well, hard.

 Maybe if you have a personal trainer yelling in your ear, you can find that extra gear. But what if it’s just you? It’s easy to go into a workout with the intention of working hard only to slack off when it gets too uncomfortable. That discomfort is what high intensity training is all about.

It takes a certain amount of courage, fearlessness, and plain old discipline to work that hard, but how do you make yourself do it? It’s all about mind over matter. Sometimes you have to trick yourself into pushing hard and there are a variety of ways to do that.

Excerpted from verywell.com

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