Could a Fitness App Help With Weight Loss?

The piece of tech, called Healthify, tells you exactly how many calories are in your food, all from a single picture. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the app recognises the food on your plate and how much there is.  It then calculates the meal’s nutritional value, including calories, protein, fat, carbs and fibre.

A new version of the app, which is set to be available in the UK soon, recognises over one million different foods, its creators claim. Users will be encouraged to take pictures of their food with the add-on, called Snap, from which the app will give a nutritional value. If the app recognises the food or portion size wrong, users can tweak the results. 

Over time, as the app gets used more, it gets better at recognising what is being eaten based on a person’s food habits, they said. Tushar Vashisht, the company’s founder and CEO based in India, told MailOnline the app is around 90 per cent accurate at producing nutritional breakdowns.

Excerpted from the U.S. Sun

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