Can Social Factors Predict Weight Loss Success?

Weight loss success is associated with race and ethnicity and modifiable psychosocial factors among adults with overweight and obesity, according to study findings presented at ObesityWeek® 2023, held in Dallas, Texas from October 14 to 17, 2023. Behavioral weight loss interventions are not effective for all participants. However, previous studies have only focused on single rather than multiple predictors of weight loss.

To identify subgroups of individuals who are more likely to achieve clinically meaningful weight loss in behavioral weight loss programs, researchers analyzed data from the randomized DIETFITS study (; Identifier: NCT01826591). During the trial, adults with overweight or obesity were assigned to either a healthy low-carbohydrate diet or a healthy low-fat diet.

The researchers evaluated participants for predictors of achieving at least 5% body weight reduction at the end of the 12-month DIETFITS intervention. A total of 50 baseline, psychosocial, demographic, and clinical predictors were identified in this analysis. The study included a total of 436 participants, of whom 58% were women, 38% were racial or ethnic minorities, and the mean age was 40 years (SD, 7).

Excerpted from Psychiatry Advisor

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