Middle-age Spread — How Bad is it?

Name: Middle-age spread.

Age: 40+.

Appearance: Doughy, wrinkled, overspilling.

You mean old and fat? It comes to us all, inevitably.

Speak for yourself. I just joined a gym and lost 50 pounds. You lost 50 pounds by going to the gym?

No, that’s how much I spent. I haven’t actually been inside the gym. That was also sort of inevitable.

I guess I’m just doomed to spend my later years being overweight and in ill-health. One or the other, maybe, but not necessarily both.

What does that mean? You might be genetically disposed toward favourable adiposity.

I see. What does that mean? It means you could be OK, provided your middle-age spread is spread right. According to a new study, some obese people are much healthier than others, depending on where they store fat.

Excerpted from The Guardian

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