Why Do Most People Regain Lost Weight?

A joint study by Amsterdam UMC and Yale University reveals that obesity is linked to a diminished brain response to nutrients, which persists even after weight loss. This diminished response, which involves lower dopamine release and reduced nutrient-sensing activity, may contribute to the difficulty in maintaining weight loss.

Brain responses to specific nutrients are diminished in individuals with obesity and are not improved after weight loss, according to a study led by Amsterdam University Medical Centers (UMC) and Yale University, published today in Nature Metabolism. 

“Our findings suggest that long-lasting brain adaptations occur in individuals with obesity, which could affect eating behavior. We found that those with obesity released less dopamine in an area of the brain important for the motivational aspect of food intake compared to people with a healthy body weight. Dopamine is involved in the rewarding feelings of food intake.  

Excerpted from Sci Tech Daily

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