What Are the Best High-Protein Breakfast Foods?

It seems that everyone is talking about protein these days—but it’s for good reason. What was once just talked about as an important nutrient for those trying to bulk up and build muscle is now understood as a crucial macronutrient for every person, regardless of health goals. And if you’re trying to make sure you eat enough protein throughout the day—which is about 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight for the average sedentary adult—a great way to get a headstart in the morning is chowing down on some high-protein breakfastfoods.

Protein at breakfast will not only keep you full until lunch, but also it helps you build muscle and promotes healthy physical recovery from your morning workout. Some other surprising benefits of eating more protein with breakfast include feeling more satiated to the point where you’re less inclined to indulge in extraneous snacking, which, in turn, can help support weight loss. For instance, one study on young women found that those who ate a high-protein breakfastwere less likely to snack late in the evening. Another research study on young people who were overweight or obese revealed that adding extra protein at their first meal of the day prevented body fat gain.

But which foods make for the best high-protein breakfast you can make? Keep reading to find out which high-protein foods received a dietitian’s stamp of approval below. Then when you’re finished here, learn how to best combine these ingredients with some recipe inspiration for high-protein breakfast ideas in 34 High-Protein Breakfasts That Keep You Full.

Excerpted from Eat This, Not That!

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