What Are the Best Exercises For Men?

When it comes to staying fit, consistency is the most important factor. You can’t rely on occasional workouts to stay in shape, even if they are long and grueling. In fact, as men age, daily, shorter workouts tend to be far more effective for maintaining strength, mobility, and aerobic fitness. That’s why we’ve mapped out five of the best daily exercises for men to stay fit.

For a daily workout plan, we suggest doing fewer sets, even as low as one or two. You also cannot go heavy on a daily basis, so this is more about maintaining what you have. If your goal is maximal strength or winning a bodybuilding show, you will need to modify the approach.

However, the daily approach to fitness maintenance means each workout is far more manageable and takes less time. Overall, daily exercise workouts are a great option if you are currently sedentary and want to get in shape, or already work out but need to fit your fitness into a tighter schedule. Keep reading to learn all about the five best daily exercises for men to stay fit. Perform one or two sets of five to 25 repetitions five days per week or more.

Excerpted from Eat This, Not That!

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