Can You Lose Weight by Walking?

Can you lose weight by walking? All physical activity, including walking, burns fat and this can help you lose weight. And the more and faster you walk, the more calories you’ll torch. Whether you’re pounding the pavement or striding it out on one of the best walking treadmills(opens in new tab), walking is a wonderful workout when it comes to weight loss. 

Walking, particularly outdoors, has so many physical and mental health benefits. A study published in Frontiers in Endocrinology(opens in new tab) found that doing 7,500 steps a day (3,000 at a brisk pace) could be enough to prevent type 2 diabetes. And further research in Fronteirs in Psychology(opens in new tab) found that exposure to natural environments and green spaces has been associated with lower levels of stress and depression.

“Walking, especially in nature, uses just enough brain power that you actually switch off, which is why you can often walk somewhere and not think about anything, almost forcing mental relaxation,” says personal trainer Rachael Sacerdoti, founder of It’s So Simple(opens in new tab)

Excerpted from Live Science

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