Are Your Genes Stopping You From Losing Weight?

Losing weight and keeping it off is tough, but just how tough depends on your genes, according to a scientist who studies the genetics of obesity. But it’s still possible to make healthy changes to your body even if your biology predisposes you to habits such as overeating.

A person’s genetics are probably the biggest influence on why and how much a person eats, professor Giles Yeo, principal research associate at the University of Cambridge Institute of Metabolic Science, told the Just One Thing podcast on January 3.

Our biology impacts body weight in multiple ways, from giving us a preference for sweet treats versus veggies to suppressing or ramping up our appetites when stressed out or making one person require more food to feel full and satisfied than another. All of these factors mean that losing weight is a lot harder for some than it is for others. But, Yeo said: “Your genes do not determine who you are. They set a set of possibilities, but you can do something about it.” Yeo shared four tips for healthy, sustainable weight loss, regardless of your genes.

Excerpted from Business Insider

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