How Should You Work Out in Each Decade?

Golfing 60-somethings might seem a cliche – but a study found that it is the best workout for the over 65s. So which activities are best suited to other life stages?

Retirees using golf to stay active might be a cliché, but a study published earlier this month in BMJ’s Open Sport and Exercise Medicine found that swinging your clubs really is the best workout for those over the age of 65. Researchers found the sport had the biggest benefit on blood glucose, blood pressure and blood fat levels over other walking-based activities. But what about the best workouts for other stages of our lives? While there’s no-one-size-fits-all, and our exercise routines will depend on our individual enjoyment, ability and health, our age really does affect our exercise needs.

“The most important thing in every single life stage is that exercise is consistent and frequent, without overdoing it,” explains Tim Kayode, a performance specialist and founder of physiotherapy clinic Myoset. “But as we get older, a lot of things change in our bodies, and we need to tailor our training accordingly.”

Excerpted from i news

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