Are You Making These Intermittent Fasting Mistakes?

Intermittent fasting mistakes are so easy to make if you’re new to this way of eating as it’s so different from what most people are used to. Instead of eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with some snacks in between, intermittent fasting diets require you to restrict the time you have to eat throughout the day or week. It’s a very famous way of eating, with plenty of fans and critics alike, but intermittent fasting is essentially just another way of getting into a calorie deficit. Some people report alternative benefits alongside weight loss, like reduced inflammation and higher metabolism, but these are down to the individual and may only be possible if you can avoid the classic intermittent fasting mistakes. 

Whether you’re dieting but not losing weight with intermittent fasting or want to know more about the plan and how to eat less before trying it out for the first time, this is what three nutritionists have to say about the most common intermittent fasting mistakes and how you can avoid making them yourself.

Intermittent Fasting Mistakes:

  1. Eating Whatever You Want Outside of the Fasting Period

Excerpted from Women & Home

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