Can These Exercise Habits Actually Shorten Your Life?

There are likely many habits you incorporate into your routine with the intent of increasing your longevity. Of course, as much as you can hope and wish for it, there is no magical fountain of youth kind of drink you can casually sip with your breakfast on a daily basis. But there are little tweaks you can make in your diet, improvements you can make in your wellness routine, positive mantras you can adapt, and unhealthy exercise habits you should absolutely avoid in order to increase your chances of living longer.

According to StudyFinds, a study in Japan reveals working out too much each day won’t naturally promote longevity—it can actually cut your life short. Yes, you read that right! It’s important to re-assess and learn what you’re doing wrong. It all starts with a few simple things: eating a diet that’s high in lean protein, vegetables, and fruit; strength training; minimizing daily stress; getting your cardio on.

When it comes to improving your daily activity, you should strength train at least two to three times a week while focusing on improving your performance each week. This means lifting heavier weights, performing more reps, or both. Now, let’s talk about your cardio workouts. It’s just as effective to perform them either after your strength sessions or on a separate day altogether. The most important thing is that you get them done regularly, because they’re an essential part of your workout schedule.

Excerpted from Eat This, Not That!

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