Can Fasting Help Regulate Your Metabolism?

The recent periods of Navratri and Ramzan had many people fasting and abstaining from certain foods and drinks. While the religious and spiritual reasons for fasting are many,  it also appears to have many health benefits. Fasting—for any reason, religious or otherwise—can be a much-needed natural detox for the digestive system. Little wonder that diet regimes such as intermittent fasting and circadian fasting make ample use of the principles of fasting to regulate metabolism and arrive at a healthier way of living. It is more effective than calorie restriction, especially at increasing fat loss while simultaneously preserving muscle tissue, which is hard to achieve, even for regular gym-goers.

Sharath K Iyer, a banker from Pune and his wife Junita struggled to manage their cholesterol levels and were suffering from weight-related lifestyle issues. “Hard-pressed for time, regular gymming was out of the question. We needed a lifestyle change, which would also be beneficial to our health,” says Iyer. He approached a family friend and nutritionist, who advised that they start on the comparatively easy circadian fasting—one of the most natural ways of fasting. It aligns the fasting and feeding window with the circadian rhythm (sunset and sunrise), resulting in a natural 12-hour fast. The ‘circadian rhythm’ has a deep connection with digestion, detoxification, repair, and recovery, making it the perfect go-to diet regime for those looking for an easy route to healthy living. “We have been following this regime for six-odd months now. We could easily adapt to the method, and for the first time in years, we feel mentally and physically healthy,” says Iyer.

Excerpted from Mint Lounge

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