What’s Better: Weekly or Intermittent Fasting?

C.on fasting you lose weight (a little) but above all you compensate for the excesses. The beauty is that there are no calories to count and you don’t have to weigh what you eat. However, the choice is not simple: is weekly fasting or intermittent fasting better? To follow in a group or with the help of the apps? A guide tailored for you

The urge to get back in shape there is, that of going on a diet much less. The enthusiasm has already been spent in previous attempts, trying now the ketogenic now the protein and always finding, after some time, at the starting point and with the same perspective: weigh the foods, combine them according to the dietitian’s scheme , give up what you like best, console yourself with a free dinner once a week when it is allowed.

To simplify things, in recent times, the fast, chosen by an ever-increasing number of people and which seems to have put traditional diets in the corner. This dietary model is not based on “how much” and “what” to eat but on “when” to do it. Let’s forget total fasting: here, calories are abruptly reduced with different formulas ranging from intermittent fasting to the detox week up to the lean day. It is the simplicity of the model that decrees its success, but does it work? And how to regulate between the various possibilities? Let’s be clear.

Excerpted from D1 Softball News

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