Is Time-Restricted Eating an Antidote to Fast Food Culture?

Often in our attempts to battle weight and obesity, a system of calorie restriction is imposed. While many of these attempts result in short term weight loss, the effects are not sustainable in the long run. It is apparent that calorie restriction requires understanding, motivation, and self-control, which may be limited resources for many. 

Many research studies have revealed that there is large group of people who are sensitive to food temptations, are distracted by food cues, and are prone to episodes of impulsive overeating. This group of people is understandably also prone to weight gain and eventual obesity. 

Unfortunately, at least in first world countries like the United States, food is available all day long. Often the easiest foods to find and consume are “fast foods” which are highly palatable and calorie dense. It’s no secret that this environment can contribute to obesity. Indeed, our current environment is referred to as “obesogenic.”

Excerpted from Psychology Today

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