Want a Better Memory? Try Intermittent Fasting

There are three things I hope you’ll learn about in this article:

  1. An interesting neurological study about how diet can affect memory.
  2. An intriguing way to look at brain health that probably contradicts what you learned earlier in life.
  3. Oh man, what was the third one?

I’m kidding; I remember the third one, but it’s a bit meta, and we’re better off saving it for the end anyway. Let’s go to the study. It comes to us from King’s College London, where researchers wanted to determine whether intermittent fasting would spur the development of new hippocampal neurons and improve memory performance in lab mice. Their experiment ran three months, and focused neurologically on brain genes known as Klotho. Researchers divided the mice into three groups: 

  1. A control group of mice who were fed as they normally had been, 
  2. A calorie-restricted group (CR), that had its daily food intake reduced by 10 percent, and
  3. An intermittent fasting group (IF), that had its food similarly reduced, but was fed only every other day during the study.

Excerpted from Inc.

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