This Year, Try Micro-Resolutions

If you’ve ever tried to make a New Year’s resolution, chances are you didn’t stick with it past February, much less the whole year. That used to be me, too. Every year, I’d enthusiastically and optimistically commit to one or more lofty goals, only to feel like a failure when I didn’t accomplish any of them by December 31. Rather than give up on this perennial brand of self-improvement, I decided to change my approach: I stopped making year-long commitments and began making monthly “micro-resolutions” instead.

A mini- or micro-resolution is any behavior you commit to for four weeks. And even longer-term goals to, say, eat better or learn a new skill, can be broken down into more achievable goals on the way. Before you can land on Mars, focus on landing on the moon.

Excerpted from CNN

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