Can Intermittent Fasting Help Build Muscle?

Intermittent fasting. A form of dieting that is often proven to aid with weight loss is also one that is seeing serious traction of late. Not without its controversies, such as it being a more general umbrella term that has spawned countless – often confusing – variations, intermittent fasting is not always a technique associated with those looking to pile on the muscular pounds.

It’s a topic that New York-based nutritionist Max Lugavere has approached during a recent interview with Rich Roll, a 54-year-old ultramarathoner who underwent a huge fitness transformation following his 40th birthday.

In a short clip taken from Max’s podcast The Genius Life, Max asks Rich, “Do you still routinely fast, because you had such success at the beginning? It got me thinking about the prolonged fasting-mimicking strategy, like a super low-calorie juice cleanse for five days here and there.”

Excerpted from DMARGE

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