Do You Have an Iron Deficiency?

Iron is a vital nutrient required for optimal growth and development of the body. Getting enough iron every day can have a great impact on your mood and energy levels. Iron is an essential mineral and is important for bodily functions such as oxygen transport, DNA synthesis and muscle metabolism, according to the World Health Organization. Clearly, an iron deficiency can interfere with mental and physical activity. Also Read – Suffering from hair loss? It may be because your body lacks these nutrients

Iron deficiency is the most common type of anaemia, and it occurs when your body doesn’t get enough iron. Iron is needed for our body to make hemoglobin – the protein in your red blood cells that helps to carry oxygen to the tissues. When there isn’t enough iron in your bloodstream, the rest of your body gets proper oxygen it requires. Also Read – 5 best natural ways to treat iron deficiency anaemia.

Excerpted from The Health Site

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