Have You Tried Yoga for Weight Loss?

Unlike going to the gym or HIIT, yoga is a more sustainable and holistic way to stay physically fit. If you are thinking about losing weight in a healthy manner, yoga can work wonderfully well for you. 

Initially, when you plan to start your weight loss journey with yoga, multiple questions will pop up in your mind. How to go about it? Will you be able to pull it off? Will it lead to weight loss? Will you end up hurting yourself? But, if you’ve decided that yoga is going to be your thing and there is no looking back, we are happy to help. Here are five tips recommended by yoga guru Grand Master Akshar that every yoga beginner must follow without fail:

1. Start with simple poses: Whether yoga or anything else, you need to go slow when you’re just starting out. That’s because sore muscles or injury can be a barrier in the journey that you have just started. Also, it will help your muscles open up and be prepared to deal with the upcoming challenges.

Excerpted from Health Shots

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