Can a Low-Carb Diet Help Prevent Coronavirus?

As countries like the US and UK are facing a potential second wave of coronavirus, researchers are scrambling to find potential new long-term solutions to fight the disease. One editorial suggests we perhaps needn’t look further than the pantry: Sticking to a low-carb diet could potentially improve metabolic health and reduce the risk of coronavirus complications, according to a new article published in the BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine

Maryanne Demasi, a health science journalist with a PhD in rheumatology, argues in the medical journal that underlying conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity have been shown to significantly increase the risk of more severe cases of COVID-19. She writes that low-carb diets can help control blood sugar and improve metabolic health, potentially protecting against dangerous complications from coronavirus.

It’s true that there’s evidence suggesting that underlying conditions like obesity and diabetes are linked to more severe coronavirus infection, and previous research has shown low-carb diets can help with both weight loss and blood sugar control

Excerpted from Insider

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