What Are the Best At-Home Exercises?

Want to exercise at home but still feel like you got in as good of a workout as you would at a studio or gym? It’s totally possible and doesn’t require any equipment, either—don’t underestimate bodyweight exercises

Not only are equipment-free moves convenient, but doing exercises without weights is a great way to check in with yourself and focus on form. Below, I’ve compiled 50 of the best at-home exercises for all fitness levels. You can use them to create countless combinations of total-body workouts, ensuring you never get bored while you break a sweat.

Time: 20 minutes

Equipment: None

Good for: Total Body

Instructions: For a full workout, choose five to six moves below. Complete the indicated number of reps, then continue immediately to the next move. Rest for one minute, then repeat the entire circuit one to three times.

Excerpted from Women’s Health

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