Is Magnesium Necessary for Weight Loss?

Vitamins and minerals are essential for our body to function properly. Every nutrient we get either from plant or animal-based food products has its specific role to play in keeping us healthy and fit. Like calcium is necessary for bones, iron helps in the production of red blood cells and others. Just like any other mineral, magnesium is important for 300 enzyme system in the body. It helps regulate the blood sugar level, lowers blood pressure and is even necessary for our heart, muscles, and kidneys. 

But you might not know that magnesium also has an important role to play when trying to lose weight. Studies suggest that sufficient magnesium intake, along with a healthy diet and intense workout session can help to shed weight quickly. Here are 3 reasons why you should take magnesium when trying to lose weight.

1. Reduces stress and improves the quality of sleep
We all know that sleeplessness and stress can halt your weight loss process. So, when you are a mission to lose weight it is important to control both the things. Studies suggest that taking a sufficient amount of magnesium every day may help relieve stress and anxiety. This will calm your mind and you will be able to get some quality sleep at night. Magnesium is also called as the natural mood booster.

Excerpted from Times of India

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