10 Sneaky Ways to Walk 10,000 Steps a Day

With all the holiday hustle and bustle requiring so much of your precious time, how can you find opportunities to walk or add walking steps throughout your day to reach your goal of 10,000 steps? There are ways to search out those elusive minutes that seem to become lost in each busy day. They are scattered throughout your morning, afternoon, and evening, but with a little ingenuity and thought, these tiny spurts of time can add up to extra calories burne. Here are 10 smart, practical, and super easy tips that can help you stay active during this joyous time of year:

1. Wear a Pedometer or Use a Pedometer App: Get yourself a pedometer or add a pedometer app to your mobile phone and use it every day. This inexpensive tool is a terrific motivator. It helps you keep up with exactly how much you are actually moving. You also might be covering more ground than you expected. Being able to monitor your movement will help you to move even more. Many people feel that if they see actual numbers, it’s more like concrete evidence of what you are accomplishing. Try adding 500 extra steps the next day. This is equivalent to about five minutes of steady walking.

Excerpted from verywell.com

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