What Are the Best Supplements for Weight Loss?

You’ve tried the grapefruit juice diet, the cabbage soup diet, the baby food diet, cleanses, and detoxes, yet you’re still not seeing the results you want. It’s not surprising, as there are at least 7 reasons you’ll simply never lose weight on a fad diet. So what’s left to try? Vitamins.

“As part of a healthy living plan that includes clean eating, exercise, and stress management, we find that vitamins and minerals can play a role in weight loss and weight management,” say Arielle Levitan, MD, and Romy Block, MD, authors of the book The Vitamin Solution: Two Doctors Clear the Confusion About Vitamins and Your Health. “Many, if not most of us, have nutrient needs that are unmet by diet alone. When we replenish these deficiencies with the right vitamins and minerals, in proper doses, then we can satisfy our body’s nutrient cravings and in turn, reduce our unhealthy eating.”

Many of the doctors’ patients report that once they begin a regimen that includes the right vitamins for their individual needs, they’re able to eat less while making better food choices, and find they have more energy to exercise and plan meals. In addition, they tend to sleep better—and that also helps with weight control. Sold? Here are the top vitamins for weight loss.

Excerpted from Reader’s Digest

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