What’s the Best Way to Get Toned Arms?

That sleeveless dress is beautiful, but what about my arms?’ If you’ve said this (or thought it), you’ll know that one of the most niggly things about ageing is how our arms lose their tone. According to new Mintel research, 25% of women dislike their arms, and brands like Spanx and M&S now sell control shapewear specifically for them!

But why does the strength and tightness of our upper limbs disappear over time? Turns out, there are age and lifestyle related changes at play.

‘Muscle mass naturally declines with age,’ says Zana Morris, fitness expert and founder of The Clock gyms. In fact, some studies suggest we lose 1%-2% of muscle a year from the age of 50. Plus, as you lose muscle, your metabolic rate goes down, which is why it’s easier to gain weight as you age – even if you’re not eating any more.

Excerpted from Good Housekeeping

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