12 Low-Carb Superfoods to Add to Your Diet

Some people worry about not getting enough nutrients on a low-carb diet, but there are lots of ways to guard against that happening.  For example, you can Make Sure Your Carbs Count by making wise food choices.  You can make sure you’re getting some of the nutrients that tend to be lacking in low-carb diets by being knowledgeable about them.  You can use my Low-Carb Food Pyramid as a guide.  And you can use these Low-Carb High-Nutrient Menus as a model to help you design your own high-nutrient menus.

Another way to help make sure you’re getting the right nutrients is by eating plenty of these Low-Carb Superfoods! They have lots of the vitamins, minerals, fiber, andphytonutrients our bodies need without adding a bunch of sugar and starch that our bodies do NOT need!

Eggs: Eggs are just packed with nutrients!  The white is almost all protein, but the yolk is really where the action is.  It purpose is to provide nutrition for the animal during those first vital phases of development until it is ready to get its own food.  Is it any wonder it’s so food for us, too?

Excerpted from lowcarbdiets.about.com

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