How Can I Boost Energy as I Age?

As we age, it is common to notice changes in energy levels and mood, but there are several lifestyle adjustments you can make to maintain vitality and well-being.

1. Diet: Reevaluate your eating habits to include foods that boost energy and mood. Focus on low-glycemic foods like beans, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains to stabilise blood sugar levels. Limit high-glycemic foods such as white rice and sugary drinks, which can lead to energy crashes.

2. Portion control: Balance calorie intake to avoid feeling sluggish from either overeating or undereating. Consult with a healthcare provider or dietitian to determine your calorie needs based on your activity level.

3. Exercise: Stay active to increase energy and improve mood. Adjust your workout routine to accommodate any physical limitations you may have. Consider low-impact activities like swimming or cycling if high-impact exercises are challenging.

Excerpted from The Daily Star

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