What’s the Easiest Way to Go Vegan?

Going vegan is kind of like building your own IKEA furniture. It seems like a great idea in theory (nutrientslower cholesterolhelping the environment!). But when it comes down to putting the pieces together…umm, it’s not exactly easy.

“A vegan diet can be hard to start, mostly because you don’t know what to eat,” says plant-based nutritionist, Emily Wood, RD. Some new vegans don’t choose the healthiest options (looking at you, super-processed meat alternatives), which may cause fatigue and irritability. Plus, ditching some of your favorite foods (hey there, cheese) could leave you feeling deprived, and not so keen on persisting, she explains.

That said, though, it can certainly be a worthy cause. Done right, a vegan diet offers loads of health benefits—and environmental benefits.

Excerpted from Women’s Health

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