What Are the Dos & Don’ts of Exercising Over 50?

While the ultimate goal is to live a long life, it’s also about extending our “healthspan” – maximising the years we can do all the things we enjoy. No matter how old you are, this means leaving your comfort zone. It’s not about overdoing it, however, but being strategic. Here’s how I do it:

1. No more long-distance running: I’ve done my time of half marathons, marathons and even some triathlons, but testosterone in men can drop if you do too much long-duration cardio. Plus, the potential for tendon inflammation and knee problems only increases – unless every element of strength and mobility is perfect. Most people aren’t perfect every time. This is not to say “don’t run” – far from it – just drop the repeated long intensive runs or cycles.

2. I only use 75 per cent of my range of motion: Or I use heavy bands to produce progressive overload (I’ll explain that another time) when lifting the heaviest weights. I also only lift the heaviest levels once each week for each body part. At medium to high levels you get maintenance and some growth. At high load, with a high range of motion, there’s a real risk of tendon strain: the gains are safest in the reduced range at the highest loading.

Excerpted from MSN

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