What Are the Biggest Threats to Our Health in 2022?

The most well-known part of Passover is the ten plagues. Lice and frogs probably don’t scare you too much, but these days many of us are dealing with one or more common health concerns. If you google the word “epidemic”, most results will be related to COVID-19, but before this virus entered our lives, the World Health Organization and public health experts warned us about other health issues which have become much more common over the last 50 years.

As the world changes and more cultures become modernized, we have more challenges to deal with. While doctors and scientists are thinking about how to minimize damage at the global level, it’s important that we’re aware of the dangers and know how to manage them. Here is the list of the top five health challenges in 2022:

1. Obesity: Throughout most of human history, hunger has been a major cause of death worldwide. Today, of course, hunger still affects over a billion people, but alongside it the abundance of food and the increase of manufactured products marketed as food, along with the worldwide proliferation of chains like McDonald’s, has created the opposite problem. When you can eat whenever and however much you want, it’s easier to suffer the dangerous consequences of obesity.

Excerpted from The Jerusalem Post

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